Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Front (above right) cover by Joseph Larkin, back (above left) cover by Adam Scott Miller.

SilKMilK MagiZain s p o o l # 4

NEW: Lo-res web samples of pages from the MagiZain below:

Above: Part of a folio of work by blood artist Vincent Castiglia
Below: The beginning of an essay on Sacrifice in the Kali Yuga by Orryelle, with paintings by Christopher Ulrich.

VIDEO DVD & AUDIO CD contents & samples at the bottom of the page

Alchemical Wedding by David Aronson

Square-bound A4-size Journal:
184 pages, 80 in full colour, including colour pull-out and covers
Comes with DVD: over 1 hr video, 1 hr audio with slideshows; plus audio CD 78mins magickal musick. (full contents list and samples displayed below)
70 contributors.

Background image: Fascinum Panel 4 by Iain Whittaker, from the SilKMilK 4 centrefold.

Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies .
Launched on the 16th February 2010.
Now taking orders with Paypal. Special direct web price - $28US (+$12 postage)

If you are interested in obtaining multiple copies at wholesale prices please email

Pictures from musickal and theatrickal performances at the Launch HERE

CONTENTS of the new s p o o l :



(These are lo-res web-samples only. All material on the DVD is full-screen resolution).

Extract from Oedipus and Tiresias by MetaMorphic Ritual Theatre.

Extract from Cehui by Soriah with Ashkelon Sain.

Extracts from My Alchymic Wedding by Orryelle.
(Full video on DVD is 30mins)

MP3 AUDIO SAMPLES (showing the diversity of sounds on SM4 CD & DVD, from meditative ambient to poetic, melodic to experimental, orchestral to electronic. . .:

Extracts from Hail to the Queen by PenDragon (UK, India)
& Lady of the Morning Star by Joy of Nature (Portugal)
(track transition)

Extract from Alchemica (live) by Orryelle, Heidi Valkyrie,
Dom Rhys & Amordios Gobblyn-Smythe (Australia)

Extract from The Crinoids by Kestral (Aust.)

Extract from The Soft Cage by Joy von Spain (USA)

Extract from Panspermia by Heretici 7o74 (Finland)

Extract from 2'3' by Orryelle & Louie Burdette(Aust)

Now taking orders with Paypal. Special direct web price - $28US (+$12 postage)